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Homeowners Insurance

GMI Insurance values the memories made within homes with your loved ones and we want to do everything we can to make sure we keep that for all of our clients. Homeowners insurance offers a variety of different kinds of coverages depending on your situation. 

Most common types of homeowners policies:


For those living in a single family home who own and use it as a Primary residence. 


This is a renters policy that covers your contents if you are renting from a landlord. 


This is for a condo or a townhome with a master HOA policy. 

To learn more about the other types of homeowners policies, call us at 801-226-8770

Coverage Breakdown

Here are a few common coverages that you will see on homeowners policy - 
Equipment Breakdown - this is a new coverage with some of our companies. It would cover the breakdown of equipment that is caused by certain equipment malfunctions.

Buried Utility Lines - also a newer coverage. This would cover the gas, water and sewage pipes on your property due to freeze, wear and tear, leaks, and more. 

Detached Structures - this covers things not attached to the house such as detached garages, sheds, fences, etc. 

There are lots of other coverages for homeowners policies that we would love to go over with you. Call us at 801-226-8770. 

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